Blank Labels for Indented Blank Dice

by admin on July 7, 2012

Indented Blank Dice work great all by themselves, but with blank label sheets custom cut to fit inside the indentions, your custom dice will look even more marvelous.

Each label sheet is 8.5″ x 11″, meaning it will fit through a standard inkjet or laser printer, and contains 221 individually cut peel off labels for use with our indented blank dice. There are 17 rows of 13 labels per row.  A single sheet of labels is good for approximately 36 dice.  We recommend purchasing an additional label sheet to ensure the accuracy of your printer.

Each label is 0.5″ x 0.5″.

All prices include shipping.  There is a large discount for purchasing extra sheets of labels.  Also, templates for use with InDesign and other image editing software is available.

Note: Every printer has different accuracies in regards to its feeding of paper through the printer.  The templates are set up to work with many standard and commercial printers but the feed of some printers may be different.  We recommend additional sheets so you can shift the template as appropriate to your printer.


UPDATE: Download label templates here.


blank label sheets
Product Options
12 Sheets - Domestic$6.00
22 Sheets - International$7.00
35 Sheets - Domestic$10.00
45 Sheets - International$11.00
510 Sheets - Domestic$15.00
610 Sheets - International$17.00
725 Sheets - Domestic$25.00
825 Sheets - International$30.00
9100 Sheets - Domestic$75.00
10100 Sheets - International$80.00
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