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Sticky: Indented Blank Six-Sided Dice

by admin on July 7, 2012

19mm Indented Blank Six-Sided Dice
Indentions measure 0.5″ x 0.5″

Shipping is included in the prices listed.  International Orders: Be sure you select the “-International” option when selecting your product. Be aware that the USPS just increased their shipping prices for international orders resulting in an increased cost for us to ship the dice to you.

Please mention the dice color(s) and quantities of each color in the comments section during checkout.

Colors available:

  1. Standard Red (Formerly Red)
  2. Pale Blue (Formerly Blue)
  3. Standard Yellow (Formerly Yellow)
  4. Black
  5. White
  6. Standard Green (Formerly Green)
  7. Standard Orange (Formerly Orange) (Currently out of stock)
  8. Standard Purple (Formerly Purple)
  9. Bubblegum Pink (Pink)
  10. Brown (Currently out of stock)
  11. Ivory
  12. Gold – Pearlized
  13. Silver – Pearlized
  14. Bronze – Pearlized
  15. Leaf Green (Formerly Forest Green)
  16. Fresh Green (Formerly Lime Green)
  17. GF9 Red (Formerly Burgundy)
  18. Lilac (Formerly Lavender)
  19. Dark Grey
  20. Powder Blue (Formerly Sky Blue)
  21. Night Blue (Formerly Navy Blue)
  22. Standard Blue (Formerly Royal Blue)
  23. Lavender (Formerly Lilac) (Currently out of stock)
  24. Dark Brown (Currently out of stock)



These are the colors of dice we have available.



Indented Blank 19mm six-sided dice
Product Options
125 Dice - Domestic US$15.00
225 Dice - International$35.00
350 Dice - Domestic US$25.00
450 Dice - International$45.00
5125 Dice - Domestic US$50.00
6125 Dice - International$70.00
7250 Dice - Domestic US$95.00
8250 Dice - International$115.00
91000 Dice - Domestic US$300.00
101000 Dice - International$320.00
Shipping Rate:
Order Indented Blank 19mm six-sided dice

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