New Color, Resupply, GenCon 2015, Additional Shipper

by admin on May 31, 2015

Good evening Folks,

Lots of updates here at Indented Blank Dice.


As of today, we have fully restocked all colors with the exception of Standard Brown.  Standard Brown will be coming in the next shipment of dice.  Otherwise, we have enough stock to fill any order.  Recently we were short of some colors due to a massive order.  With the resupply, we have reserves to cover such large orders in the future.


Color Names:

In order to make resupplying easy, we’ve coordinated with the factory and updated the Color Names.  You will see that the new Color Names are not that different from the old (with the exception of Lilac/Lavender).


New Color:

We added a new color, Dark Brown, to the family.  Dark Brown is between Standard Brown and Black.   We hope to add a Light Brown in the near future as well.   We are working on getting a good well lit photo of all the colors to update the one on the 19mm Indented Blank Dice page.


GenCon 2015:

In late July / early August, Indented Blank Dice will be at GenCon in Indianapolis, Indiana at the Living Worlds Games booth (Booth #1537).  In addition to selling dice, we also publish board games (1955:The War of Espionage, Schlock Mercenary:Capital Offensive) and design/develop them as well (Sentinel Tactics and its expansion).  We have some new games being demoed at GenCon and will have dice on hand for purchase.  Stop on by.

Additional Shipper:

   In order to minimize shipping delays due to scheduling, illness and the link, we’ve partnered up with an associate in the gaming world to provide more rapid shipping.  Previously we shipped twice a week, with some delays.  Now we ship more often and we are utilizing a different post office so those issues will be resolved as well.


If you need anything or have any questions, we can be reached at



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